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  • We specialize in translations in the Japanese tourism and hospitality market fieldDocuments related to the hotel industry and tourism often use special catch phrases.It goes without saying that the translator must remain faithful to the original content. However, doing so does not always mean the translation will be appealing to potential customers.We invite you to experience our distinctive service- translation that goes beyond other companies’ word for word translation.
  • Our Tokyo based staff specializes in providing high quality Japanese translations by hand, rather than relying on translation softwareIn recent years, more and more companies use a translation robot and then have a real person check the translations.They insist that this results in a lower price. On the other hand, doesn’t this also affect the quality of the translation? In contrast,our company seeks to support our customers’ business by providing high quality services.
  • Our honest pricing system that considers the budget of the customerEven in cases where the rate for a translation is comparatively lower, over budgeting may still occur when the translation volume, such as for an entire website, is large.Our company can provide a flexible response, including a price discount, and welcomes inquiries from customers concerned about over budgeting.
  • We have the resources to carry out both large and small projectsWe have accumulated abundant language and correspondence resources.Only translators with more than three years of translation experience and who pass our strict trial exam are registered in our system.
  • Make your website SEO friendly at no extra costRegarding a website, no matter how good the translation, if the site does not have high customer traffic, it will not be successful.Consequently, our company provides our “Translation that Exceeds Translation” service where the vocabulary is adjusted to include words which will promote a higher hit rate when searching on a search engine.

    We commonly receive happy and satisfied reviews regarding our products from many of our customers.

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