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Customer’s Feedback: many happy and satisfied opinions from various companies

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N.S. (40s, male, Hotel Operator)

I requested a multi-language translation of a Japanese website. I was somewhat doubtful at first, but when I saw the actual response like inquiries and orders, and I was glad I asked. Thank you.

Y.K. (30s, female, Apparel Company)

Wanting to expand sales, I requested an English translation of our product catalogues. Although the amount was large and time was short, they were very helpful and responded promptly. I am also happy with the quality. If another opportunity arises in the future, I look forward to working with you again!

T.I. (30s, male, Fiber Manufacturing Company)

I requested a Chinese translation for the Newsletters of my website. After receiving the translations, I had a local Chinese check them over, but nothing needed to be corrected. After that, I started to regularly request translation of my letters and pre-release news.

M.A. (30s, female, Hotel Operator)

I requested quotes from many different companies, but this company offered the most reasonable price. With a limited budget, price was a very important factor. Because the translation rate and large quantity were my concerns, I really appreciated the discount and response.

N.T. (30s, male, PhD.)

I provided an article draft to an official scientific journal. Because I am not confident in my English skills, you were a great help. The journal covers very difficult topics. Although some parts were not well explained, EverGreen still accurately understood the contents and translated them.

M.S. (40s, female, Trade Business)

I requested a Russian translation. Every time I use your services, I appreciate how easy the translation is to understand.

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