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Why not expand your business with EverGreen? It’s time to add more value to your website.
Our professional translation will strongly support your global marketing needs.

Reach more people with your website. EverGreen provides accuracy in website translation, collaborative localization, and text search engine optimization (SEO) for the greatest internet coverage. We meet all your global market needs with our polylingual pages at an affordable price.


SEO-friendly translation

EverGreen Translation Services provides SEO-friendly online translation/localization, not just simple translation. During the translation process, we carefully choose words and phrases easily found by search engines like Google without making a sacrifice of quality and accuracy of translation. Especially, taking care to choose words and phrases in h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, or h6 tags that are closely linked to the search results.
Take an example, the English translation of tagengo honyaku [Japanese] is multilingual translation, but polylingual translation is better in web translation/localization. Like this, using synonyms and paraphrasing, we provide the best choice for you. We believe that is our mission.
Our localization services will definitely help you increase access from guests! Japanese people will find your website for sure.

EverGreen’s localization process

In our process of web translation/localization, professional translators/checkers, web designers/coders, and SEO specialists work closely with each other.

Our work is the result of collaboration and effort by the three teams. Dozens of highly skilled and experienced translators/linguists, web designers/coders, and SEO specialists form the core part of EverGreen.


We offer high quality Japanese website at an affordable price.

Translation 0.2 USD (0.19 Euros) per word in original English
Localization Top page: 70 USD (65 Euros)
Contents page: 35 USD (32 Euros) per page

Total number of words: 2,000 words
Top page
Contents page: 4 pages                                    
>> 2,000 x 0.2 USD + 1 x 70 USD + 4 x 35 USD = 610 USD
* There are special cases where an extra quotation would be needed (such as re-making image files).


Process after payment

1. Fill out the inquiry form on the quote page.

2. Receive quotation from EverGreen.

3. Make payment by PayPal.

4. Send all the files or share FTP server information.

5. The files get checked before being used for the real website.

6. EverGreen uploads Japanese webpage(s) on the server or sends the files to you.

* Please send all files (HTML, CSS, image, or etc.) or share detailed information on FTP server (ID and password). At the end of the project, we can upload new files for Japanese site onto the server or simply deliver these files to you. You can choose either way.

SEO services for English webpages

We also offer SEO services for your English site, following the characteristic of the algorithms. We can help improve your website to get more traffic.

Localization of Websites

Hotel websites need to be found by Japanese speaking customers so your website has to be optimized for major search engines in Japan. If you need help with any of the above we have translating specialists ready to start your job immediately. Contact us for a quote or advice on updating your website today.

Polylingual Pages

Even though English is one of the main languages used around the world, it is good to have localized pages to get as many views as possible from the areas you want to do business in. We not only translate your site but can edit the text to make it follow cultural business practices of specific areas. Contact us for bilingual, trilingual or even polylingual sites.

What is Google’s algorithm?

Google Algorithm is a program that decides on the ranking in search results. Google judges the ranking from the SEO score and many other factors for each website. Google has looks at many points using this special program to rate numerous websites on the Internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us TEL 050-1148-5702 business hours 9:00 - 18:00

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