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Today’s consumers access the web from a wide range of devices. Using EverGreen’s Responsive Web Design, your site can be easily viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone without loss of design, visibility, or convenience while providing better search results.

Responsive Web Design

Have you heard of responsive web design? It is designing webpages so they can be viewed in response to the size of the devices, tablet-type terminals like smartphone (including iPhone and Android) and iPad as well as desktops and note PCs. In responsive design, when viewing websites on smartphones, visitors do not need to zoom in or out all the time to reduce or increase column widths on the touch panel. The decreased text size on phones is a major problem unless implementing responsive design. The characters are so small that they may cause stress when reading text. Also considering the current situation, more than 50% of people using the internet are using mobile devices and because of this it is essential to make your site mobile friendly to improve usability.

Responsive Web Design increases search result

Another merit of using responsive design on webpage is that it increases the chance if being seen in search result in search engines like Google. Google gives a higher rank if your site is mobile friendly. So, EverGreen’s services grow your business!

How does your website look on mobile devices?
Check it out on the link below!

Test how mobile-friendly your site is

What is your impression like? It might be different from what you think. Even if your website looks right on your device, Google judges it by another criteria.
We rewrite or create CSS for smartphones in such a way that it observes Google’s standards.


Adjustment of English site to mobile friendly website

Top Page 17.5 USD (16.3 Euros)
Content page 8.7 USD (8.1 Euros) per page

Making responsive Japanese website

Top Page 87.5 USD (81.4 Euros)
Content page 47.7 USD (44.4 Euros) per page

2,000 JPY extra on the top page and 1,000 JPY extra on content pages than non-responsive webpage. Check again non-responsive web translation.

Making non-responsive Japanese website

Top Page 70 USD (65 Euros)
Content page 35 USD (32 Euros) per page


Process after payment

1. Fill out the inquiry form and upload the file for translation on the quote page.

2. Receive quotation from EverGreen.

3. Make payment by PayPal.

4. Send files or share FTP server information.

5. The files get checked before being used for th real website.

6. EverGreen uploads Japanese webpage(s) on the server or sends the files to you.

* Like website translation, send all files (html, css, image, or etc.) or share detailed information on FTP server (ID and password). At the end of the project, we can upload new files for Japanese site onto the server or simply deliver these files to you. You can choose either way.

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